Knowledge of communication can be beneficial to any career. If you enjoy studying communication, but do not plan on pursuing it as a career, consider taking as many communication courses as you can fit into your elective selections. You might choose to double major or minor in communication studies.

The link between computerization and communication has become the subject of extensive research by communication specialists. Many departments of communication offer a specialization in information sciences, human information theory and processes, or communication technologies, often dealing with communication by computer, compressed video, and teleconferencing.

Careers in technology and communication

  • trainer for communication technologies
  • closed circuit television producer/director
  • systems analyst
  • technical copywriter
  • language specialist
  • speech synthesizer
  • cognition researcher
  • audio and visual computer display specialist
  • performance assessor

Communication courses that can enhance a high technology career

  • interpersonal communication
  • communication research methods
  • communication theory
  • organizational communication
  • technology, organization, and globalization
  • persuasion
  • rhetorical criticism