Knowledge of communication can be beneficial to any career. If you enjoy studying communication, but do not plan on pursuing it as a career, consider taking as many communication courses as you can fit into your elective selections. You might choose to double major or minor in communication studies.

Communication is a key tool that health care providers must use in dealing with clients and patients to prevent illness, diagnose disease, and manage treatment and patient care. It is necessary for developing and maintaining trust between provider and client, their families, and other health care providers.

Equally important in health careers is the use of communication to educate and train a population in healthy behaviors such as nutrition, sexual health, and family planning.

Careers in health and communication

  • health educator
  • school health care administrator
  • medical grants writer
  • hospital director of communication
  • clinic public relations director
  • health communication analyst
  • research analyst
  • medical training supervisor
  • communications manager for federal health agencies
  • health personnel educator
  • medical center publications editor
  • hospice manager
  • drug rehabilitationist
  • health care counselor
  • activities director
  • marketing director
  • health facility fund raiser

Communication courses that can enhance a health career

  • interpersonal communication
  • research methods
  • group communication
  • conflict
  • persuasion
  • communication and diversity
  • gender and communication
  • intercultural communication