This guide is a reference for the University of Puget Sound faculty and staff members. It is a tool to promote and ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency among campus print and online publications directed to external audiences.

The style guide is not meant to govern academic publications or everyday internal communications, including personal email messages, syllabi, class or department handouts, etc. Its purpose is to help each campus community member present unified and consistent external messages, so we may credibly and effectively communicate our mission.

The Office of Communications adheres to this style guide with some exceptions. The first reference is the Associated Press Stylebook; the second reference is Webster's New World College Dictionary Fourth Edition; the third reference is The Chicago Manual of Style 15th Edition.

As language and communication evolve, so too will the Puget Sound style guide. If you have questions about this guide's standards, please contact Sarah Stall at or 253.879.2673.

Is it mandatory to follow the Puget Sound style guide? Well, yes and no.
Style and grammar rules exist to help communicate messages clearly for a particular audience. There will be times when, due to the design or purpose—or to achieve a certain look or feel—you must deviate from the style guide. Sometimes the medium through which you communicate dictates specific deviations. Space constraints on signs and banners or in character-limited fields online may require abbreviated office and department names, etc.

In these or similar instances, keep in mind that consistency is essential to presenting a polished publication. If you deviate from the Puget Sound style guide, deviate consistently.

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How to find what you're looking for
The style guide is organized alphabetically. Click on one of the links above to jump to the page containing all the entries under that letter of the alphabet. For items that could be listed in multiple ways, we have tried to mention them under each possible heading with a link to the page where the entry is located. If you're not sure what you're looking for or have questions, please contact Sarah Stall at or 253.879.2673.