Issues of personal Concern:

Care of aging family member*

Care of community members

Need for educations about specific aging issues*

End of life issues

Gaining wisdom from our elders*

Responsibilities of caregivers

Education and respect for “dementia” situations (public service notices)

Intergenerational concerns

Present values of Elder Care – Future values*


*denotes highest-ranked issues


Focus on Value-driven Aging Decisions, Social Justice

How do we reach out?

  • Support groups in our communities.
  • Variety of transportation opportunities, expand what is currently available.
  • Respite care for caregivers, outreach by caregivers to find helpers.
  • Influence for Elder Care in all situations.
  • Use and expand good models that exist (education).
  • Medical home care.
  • Education expansion on aging issues.
  • How do we get support as caregivers?

Points of personal action

My commitment is to:

  1. Listen to elders.
  2. Call 2 legislators.
  3. Where to turn books.
  4. Keep at it.
  5. A positive attitude about living.
  6. Work with the group you’re in.
  7. Continue to advocate for others.
  8. Continue to learn about aging.
  9. Engage in elder issues.

Next meeting topic: Information for Caregivers.