Individualism thwarts community thinking – genetic chip.

Walk, move around, intergenerational living space.

Age segregation – Age integration (ideal).

Avoid visible and invisible fences.

Living and community setting, people can afford.

Agenda fences are gone – intra-community sharing.

A collection of community organizations don’t add up to a community.

Create a physical vision, not just esoteric.

The model will solve a lot more problems than aging.

Models DO exist.

We need a health care model that works as if it served the community.

Diabetic seniors on a bus to a casino…

Issue of how to get the community involved.

Ageism is an issue.

Self-sustaining intergenerational community – seniors are contributing to the good of the community.

Seniors have the capacity to contribute.

Other cultures get it in creating a meaningful place/role for elders.

Allow people to continue to have purposeful instead of productive lives.

The greatest stress at any age is aimlessness.


Practical caregiving skills, especially when roles are reversed.

How can we possibly pay for these services….and the demand?

Western culture denies that people die; it’s in our language.

Death is not real to us…especially to the younger generation.

How do we make death real for the younger generation?

We are not allowed to watch the reality of death on TV.

Awareness of the “Third Age”

Old age in a new age – great book.

To pay for all of this – Social Capitalism.

Support groups need better facilitators, support, and answers