Research Lab Check Out

Leave your lab space in a better condition then you found it!

Before you leave, give the Storeroom Manager and your Advisor enough advanced notice so they can check you out of your lab space. In other words, please do not wait until the last minute and expect them to make time for you. Please be considerate.

Cleaning up your Lab Space and the other areas you used

  • Clean up the following areas the best you can:
    • Bench Tops
    • Sinks, Sink Traps, and Cabinet under Sinks
    • Cabinets
    • Drawers
    • Chemical Shelves
    • Aisles
    • Safety Areas
    • Hoods and Hood Traps
    • Cabinet under hoods
    • Window Sills
    • Ventilator Tops
    • Walls
    • Flammable Cabinets
  • Return the storeroom equipment you borrowed, especially the hot plate/stirrers.
  • Return the storeroom chemicals you borrowed.
  • Return the borrowed equipment from other labs.
  • Remove everything from the floor except for waste baskets, broken glass buckets, absorbent buckets, desks and chairs.
  • Clean up the area around the instruments you used in other rooms.
  • Check the refrigerators you used for storage. Remove your items and dispose of properly, or make arrangements with your research advisor.
  • Return gas cylinders, regulators and cylinder clamps.
  • Clean balances and ovens.


  • Are Chemical Labels on all bottles and correct?
  • Are Waste Chemical Labels correct with volumes and weights, and % of each?
  • Are your dirty dishes washed?
  • Are the Lab Drawers you used in as good as or better shape than you found them?
  • How well is your lab organized now? If not, do what you need to do to make it better then you found it.