Note: If you will be spending money from a grant or an award, give the Storeroom Manager a copy of the letter, and the award statement with the amount and the account number it is under.

If you need chemicals, first check with your supervisor to see if we already have it in the research lab, then check with the Storeroom Manager to see if it might be in stock in the storeroom or another lab. If we fail to find it, then the Storeroom Manager will order it for you. Be aware, this could take a week for it to arrive pending shipping restrictions, but if it is not in stock, then be prepared for a wait that could take up to a month.

Before acquiring your chemicals
There is a required Pre-Chemical Inquiry -- Safety and Disposal Plan. This means you acquire all the information you need to work safely with your chemicals, and dispose of them safely. You must know the hazards associated with them and what precautions and personal safety equipment you need to handle your chemicals safely. What will you do if you spill a small amount? Or, drop the bottle? What if you get it on your hands? Look up the information you need to deal with these problems and develop a plan.

Also, you will need information on how to dispose of the correctly. What will you do with left over reagents, especially if they are mixed? Down the drain, or stored in a waste bottle? Which waste bottle? Where will you store your wastes until they can be picked up?

Before you handle your chemicals and generate wastes, please have the following: