In addition to the academic pursuit of your research, you are responsible for the lab space you use and your impact to the environment. That is why we are requiring you to consider this part of your research. There are federal, state, city, university, and department procedures and regulations you must comply with.

This section pertains to those students doing Summer Research, McCormick Scholars, students who have received a University Enrichment Grant, students doing a Senior Research Thesis for Chem 490, and students doing an Independent Study or Project for Chem 495.

The following sections discuss what you need to do and suggestions on how to do them, along with the responsibilities expected of you.

  1. Student Research Guide & Responsibilities for every student researcher
  2. The Requisition of Supplies: Chemicals and Equipment
  3. Laboratory Safety
  4. Chemical Wastes Disposal
  5. Safety Equipment & Equipment Inspections
  6. Clean Up & Check Out Guide of your Lab
  7. Safety & Disposal Links