A room waste log will help you track your hazardous wastes and help you determine how much and what kinds of wastes your lab generates. At a minimum, your room log sheet should have a line with columns to track the wastes as follows:

Room Log Sheet: This is a continuous log of the waste bottles your lab has generated.

  • ID the bottle with a tracking number, usually the date the bottle was declared a waste, e.g. 04-Apr-04
  • The date the bottle was started, e.g. 04-Apr-04
  • The name of the waste(s): No abbreviations or formulas
  • The date the bottle was full, e.g. 21-Apr-04
  • Status - where is it now? Stored, collected, being used....
  • The volume or weight in Milliliters, or Grams
  • Is it P-listed

Forms are available from the storeroom manager or download Room Waste Log.