The general hazardous waste policy of the Chemistry Department is that anyone who generates hazardous chemical wastes (Faculty, Staff, & Students) has the responsibility to dispose of them safely following the proper Environmental and Health regulations. This also includes special events sponsored by the department.

The research into your chemical waste starts before purchasing, and ideally, while you are designing your project. This way you, the "generator," will be able to incorporate the "waste" aspect, as well as the "safety"aspect, into your experimental design and techniques. From there we can determine which waste stream your chemical wastes will travel by looking up the regulatory information for the chemical safety of your reagents and for the chemical wastes you will generate. This applies to the chemicals you will be purchasing as well as the ones we have in stock.

The following sections discuss how you will determine the category your wastes fit into, how you will label them, and how you will store them so that we will comply with the regulations of the Washington State Department of Ecology (WDOE).