The MSDS's for the Chemistry Department are located in the Storeroom Manager's office, Thompson 308A. They are in the first file cabinet on the right hand side as you enter the room. The MSDS Index is located in the first file folder in the top drawer. The MSDS Index is organized alphabetically, but the files are organized numerically. When a new MSDS arrives, it is assigned the next file number. For example, Acetone is in folder number 7, but Acetal is filed under folder 215, and Acetaldehyde is folder 555.

For additional MSDS's and Health & Safety information, use either the Safety Library or the Internet as follows:

Where to find MSDS's on the Internet

For additional information see safety manuals and books such as:

  • The Merck Index
  • Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials
  • Sigma-Aldrich's Library of Chemical Safety Data
  • NIOSH Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances