Psychologist, Assistant Director, and Training Director

Charee received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University in 1997. Her dissertation was on acquaintance rape prevention with fraternity members. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Arizona State University. She is a licensed psychologist in Washington. Charee worked in CHWS as the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for nine years. She left CHWS, worked at The Renfrew Center of North Carolina, and returned to CHWS in 2008. Charee has been involved in the predoctoral internship training program since 2000 and became the Training Director in 2012.

Charee’s clinical interest areas include substance use/abuse, eating disorders, trauma survivors, anxiety management and performance enhancement, social/cultural oppression, and identity issues. She has been active on and off campus providing outreach on sports/performance enhancement, sexual assault prevention, eating disorders, and substance abuse prevention.

Charee’s theoretical orientation is integrative, with a foundation in cognitive-behavioral, feminist psychology, and relational/interpersonal psychology. She incorporates motivational interviewing and dialectal behavioral therapy into her clinical work. As a supervisor, she enjoys working with interns to enhance their existing skills, exploring case conceptualizations, exploring relationship issues between therapist and client, and integrating developing skills/knowledge into one’s therapeutic style.