Students seeking a language substitution:

  1. If you are new to SAA please click this link: Register with SAA to Request Disability Accommodations. Complete the online form, upload documentation of your disability, and SAA will contact you within a few days to schedule an intake meeting.
  2. Submit your psychoeducational evaluation that has been prepared by a qualified diagnostic professional and shows why you cannot take a secondary language. 
  3. If the accommodation is approved, SAA will notify the Registrar’s Office which will then update the student’s Academic Requirement Report on myPugetSound to indicate alternate coursework will be taken to satisfy the language graduation requirement. 
  4. Students should plan to complete the requirement with two courses from one of the following areas listed below. Please note not all courses are taught each semester and students should plan to complete the requirement early in their studies. Questions about when specific courses will be offered should be directed to the academic department offering the course. Courses must be outside of the student's core requirements and the department of the first major.

Courses accepted as language substitutes for students with an approved accommodation

Students shall select two courses from any one area:

Chinese Civilization:   
ART 278 Survey of Asian Art
HIST 245 Chinese Civilization
REL 234 Chinese Religious Tradition

Japanese Civilizations:
ARTH 278 Survey of Asian Art
HIST 248 Modern Japan
REL 233 Japanese Religious Tradition

CLSC 130 Classical Mythology
CLSC 211 History of Ancient Greece
CLSC 212 Roman History

Latin America:
LAS 100 Introduction to Latin American Studies
HIST 280 Colonial Latin America
HIST281 Modern Latin America