The primary responsibility of a Co-Operative Education Faculty Sponsor is to work with the student to develop learning objectives that reflect the student’s academic and professional interests and to provide opportunities for on-going feedback, learning, and support for the student.

Students receive activity credit for combining their co-op fieldwork experience with augmented learning objectives prepared in partnership with their Faculty Sponsor and included in a Co-Operative Education Learning Agreement. Essential components of the learning objectives include:

  • Specific intended objectives for undertaking the co-op
  • A description of how each responsibility or task assigned by the employment Supervisor can be made relevant to the intended objectives
  • A schedule of days and times for meetings with the instructor to review the student’s assessment of personal job performance and progress toward the learning objectives
  • The date during final examination period for the student to submit the Self-Assessment/Site Evaluation
  • Any other specific objective that may be assigned by the instructor

Complete Co-Operative Education Guidelines, as approved by the Curriculum Committee on April 18, 2008 include:

  • General overview of Co-Operative Education activity units
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Grading
  • Designation
  • Credit