For 1.0 unit of Academic Credit in a Faculty Sponsored Internship, students will be expected to spend a minimum of 120 hours during a semester or summer session at the internship site in addition to completing academic requirements as specified in syllabus.

Students who enroll in this course work with a Faculty Sponsor to develop an individualized learning plan that connects the actual internship site experience to study in the student’s academic area of interest. The learning plan includes required reading, writing assignments, as well as a culminating project or paper.

The internship sponsored by an individual member of the faculty will be designated with the department abbreviation of the faculty member and the course number 498.


Students receive academic credit for complementary academic work which augments their internship fieldwork experience. Students partner with their Faculty Sponsor to create an academic syllabus to be included in their Learning Agreement which is due by the add deadline of each term. Essential components of the syllabus include:

  • A list of academic topics/questions to be addressed
  • A list of learning objectives to be achieved
  • The reading and/or research requirements relevant to the topics and learning objectives
  • The assignments or progress reports (including due dates)
  • A final project, paper, report, or thesis
  • The regular schedule of days and meeting times consisting of at least 35 hours for consultation with the instructor and independent research
  • The date during final examination period for the student to submit a Self-Assessment/Site Evaluation
  • The grading criteria

Complete Academic Internship Guidelines, as approved by the Curriculum Committee include:

  • General overview of Academic Internship units
  • Eligibility
  • Requirements
  • Grading
  • Designation
  • Credit

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