The University of Puget Sound offers students the opportunity to undertake a Co-Operative Education experience so that students, through full or part-time employment may:

  • Gain pre-professional experience through academically-related off-campus employment
  • Gain relevant experience to provide context for later academic studies
  • Extend theoretical knowledge to practical application
  • Achieve work-related and academic goals in preparation for employment


Students receive activity credit for combining their co-op fieldwork experience with augmented learning objectives prepared in partnership with their Faculty Sponsor and included in the Co-operative Education Learning Agreement. Essential components of the learning objectives include:

  • Specific intended objectives for undertaking the co-op
  • A description of how each responsibility or task assigned by the employment supervisor can be made relevant to the intended objectives
  • A schedule of days and times for meetings with the Faculty Sponsor to review the student’s assessment of personal job performance and progress toward the learning objectives
  • The date during final examination period for the student to submit the Self-Assessment/Site Evaluation
  • Any other specific objective that may be assigned by the Faculty Sponsor

Essential components of the job description must be included on a learning agreement and include:

  • A list of the specific job responsibilities and tasks assigned to the student
  • The student’s work schedule with start and end dates plus an outline of hours to be worked each day of the week
  • The day and time during the week that the student will meet with the Supervisor to review job performance and progress toward learning objectives
  • The criteria used by the Supervisor to evaluate the student’s job performance

Career and Employment Services will send your Supervisor a Performance Appraisal Form near the end of the academic term.

Course Information
The amount of credit received for COOP 499 is variable and depends on the amount of hours worked at the co-op site. Activity Credit will be granted for a co-op based on employment hours:

  • .25 unit and less-than-half-time enrollment status for at least 120 hours (approximately 10 hours per week)
  • .50 unit and half-time enrollment status for at least 240 hours (approximately 20 hours per week)
  • 1.0 unit and full-time enrollment status for at least 480 hours (approximately 40 hours per week)

Registering for Credit
If you are registering for Co-Operative Education, meet with Student Financial Services to learn about your Co-op and financial aid.

Complete Co-operative Education Guidelines, as approved by the Curriculum Committee include:

  • General overview of Co-Operative Education activity units
  • Eligibility
  • Requirements
  • Grading
  • Designation
  • Credit

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