In order to keep this group environment effective, all members are asked to please keep the conversation polite, positive, and pertinent. Members may use the forum only for the purpose as described (to share information about career paths, postgraduate studies, and transitioning to life after Puget Sound). Use of the group for commercial, political, solicitation or other unrelated activities is prohibited.

How do students interact with the ASK Network and the LinkedIn environment?

Passive surfing is most common: Students browse member lists or search by major, employer, or geographic location to learn about career possibilities and may never communicate directly with group members.

Viewing member profiles: Looking at the profile of professionals in a particular career field provides a wealth of information about the various pathways into the field and types of organizations and roles to target along the way. Even if students don’t reach out to you, simply by being a part of the group you are already serving as an important career development resource for students!

Student learning is at the core: If students do reach out, remember that learning/teaching is at the core—if students communicate or post content in a manner where you can offer constructive feedback about professional communication and/or representing themselves professionally on social media, please do so. The university does not vet content or language prior to posting.

Posing questions to the group: Students may pose questions to the group asking for advice or suggestions. If you have knowledge of the topic, feel free to respond in the discussion forum or ask the student to send you a message directly.

Responding to material shared by group members: Members may share relevant articles and news items about their career fields, and students may respond with questions.

Reaching out directly: Students may contact you with questions or invite you to connect to their network via LinkedIn. You are under no obligation to connect if you don’t wish to. All we ask is that you respond if a student reaches out to you directly.

Thank you for contributing to the success of Puget Sound students!