Presented By Christine Cruzvergara
VP of Higher Education and Student Success | Handshake


“Where you come from doesn’t have to define where you go” has been the hallmark of the career journey of Christine Cruzvergara. With over a decade of experience spanning the full spectrum of career education, Christine now works in high tech as the VP of Higher Education and Student Success at Handshake.

She began her professional life as a career advisor and most recently served as the Associate Provost & Executive Director of Career Education at Wellesley College. Christine’s wealth of experience and vast knowledge base has positioned her as a thought leader who is sought after to share her holistic perspective as she assesses trends in career education, employability, and the changing job market. Her goal is to leverage her professional and higher education partnerships to ensure greater student success.

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00:05 - Welcome and Opening Remarks by Ted Meriam '05
03:37 - Presentation Begins
33:31 - Q&A with Christine and Ted 
34:07 - Even though hiring is still happening, how much of that is for entry-level positions?
34:59 - What if you're interested in a job that isn't considered an entry-level position?
36:53 - How can we meaningfully network with professionals as part of the microresearch in a way that feels genuine?
40:19 - When networking, what questions should I ask alums when in an informational interview?
44:00 - How does this advice translate to the non-corporate environment?
46:02 - What is the balancer approach to "I want to work at_______company" verses "I want to do _________job or position"?
51:19 - Do employers value my liberal arts education or is my experiece more important?
56:26 - Closing Remarks by Ted Meriam




Presented By Brian Galicia '96
Sr. Director, Strategic Global ISV Alliances – Business Applications | Microsoft
Follow Brian on Twitter: @briangalicia


Looking to learn from a LinkedIn Guru? Meet Brian Galicia! As a Global Sales Leader with Microsoft, Brian excelled at helping organizations maximize LinkedIn to build connections with their audiences. Brian has translated that expertise, presenting to colleges across the U.S., helping students utilize LinkedIn as a tool to navigate from college to career.

If you’ve encountered Brian in recent years – at ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) events, Campus to Career presentations, or hosting students on the Microsoft campus – you know that he is a dynamic speaker who is invested in Logger students. Please join in welcoming Brian back to Puget Sound, where he is looking forward to helping you leverage LinkedIn to gain the edge that you need for success.

Watch the entire video or use the timestamps to jump ahead:

00:04 - Welcome and Opening Remarks by Ted Meriam '05
04:21 - Presentation Begins
51:07 - Closing Remarks by Ted Meriam
52:59 - After-Session Q&A with Brian, Ted, and staff from Career and Employment Services
53:08 - How do you reach out to people on LinkedIn without a premium account?
55:17 - How important is it to post articles or updates on LinkedIn?
56:57 - Should I give a link to my resume on LinkedIn?