It's never too early to begin exploring career paths, gaining experience, and honing skills...

The Career and Employment Services (CES) Career Connections (C3) newsletter is delivered throughout the year to your mailbox. C3 is a brief but regular dose of friendly nudging for students to take advantage of career-related resources, events, and opportunities.

We regularly hear from first- and second-year students that they will "think about career issues closer to graduation."

Paradoxically, seniors and recent alumni tell us that they wish they'd started thinking about these issues earlier, or wish someone had required them to take small steps along the way.

We can't make students explore career options that match their personality, or force them to seek guidance on crafting the perfect resume... but we are willing to nudge students in that direction!

P.S. You'll also receive This Week with CES messages from your CES career advising team via Handshake, so keep an eye out for those, too.

It's never too early to consider your interests and explore options. With this in mind, we designed the CES Career Connections (C3) e-newsletter. Here's a sampling: