1. Why do you need me to track how many items I take?

You are welcome to take as many items as you need. We ask you to sign in and to let us know how much food you are using, as this helps us stay on top of inventory, ensuring that we have enough food available based on usage. We also have to track usage in order to secure funding to continue stocking the food bank, so knowing how frequently folks use the pantry and the quantity of food they take is helpful.

2. Why do I need to enter the day and time I'm here?

This helps us adjust our hours. The Student Diversity Center is used for many events. We have to juggle the usage of the space with the hours available for the food pantry. Recording the date and time folks use the food pantry enables us to be more efficient with allocating hours to others who utilize the space, such as SDC clubs.

3. Where does the food come from?

We stock the pantry with food from a variety of sources. We receive some contributions of dry goods from Dining and Conference Services if there is a surplus of unopened goods. The Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement (CICE) also helps provide dry goods through their Food Justice program. Finally, we gather some food from the Food for Fines program. Most the Food for Fines program goes to St. Leo’s Food Connection, but in working with them on many Food Justice programs, they offered to have us take some of the canned goods from Food for Fines to support the need on-campus as well as off-campus.

4. Where else in town can I find an accessible pantry?

Check out the list of the other local food banks posted on the wall in the Student Diversity Center (SDC). Mason United Methodist Church in the Proctor District has a food pantry and is within walking distance of campus, but there are others throughout Tacoma, too. Also, check out this website to find an accessible food pantry near you and their hours!