What is an ORCA Card?

ORCA stands for "One Regional Card For All" and is a Sound Transit program that provides fares for bus, train, lightrail, and ferry transportation. ASUPS covers the cost for the fares so it is FREE to you! 

Where can I get one?

ORCA cards can be checked out from the main ASUPS office in Wheelock 210. We have a limited number of cards available to students and are often closed for meetings or events, so cannot guarantee the availability of cards. Cards are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis. Every student may check out a card up to 5 times each semester. Cards are not available during school breaks or holidays. Each submittal of this form counts as one ASUPS ORCA card use. For bulk requests please contact asups@pugetsound.edu to ensure we have the proper quantity to accommodate your request.

Visit our office during our open hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - Noon, 1:00pm - 5:00pm. 

Who can use the ASUPS ORCA cards?

ASUPS ORCA cards are available to students only. Student use includes any individual fee-paying student or group of students from the University of Puget Sound for recreational or academic purposes, living groups such as residence halls, Greek chapters, or on-campus houses, or for any organization recognized or registered by ASUPS, or any ASUPS department. Only fee-paying students are allowed to use the ASUPS ORCA cards.

What is the ORCA Card Rental Period?

Use is free for the first 2 business days; however, a $1 late fee is charged each additional day after the designated return date. In order for the ORCA card to be considered returned, the card must be received back in the ASUPS Office by closing. You are welcome to return the card under the office door if we are closed. Failure to return your card on time will result in an additional $1 charge per day.

All lost or damaged cards will result in a $10.00 replacement charge, payable by cash or credit/debit in the ASUPS Office.

ASUPS Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, closed from noon to 1:00pm. Call 253.879.3600 or email Deborah with any questions.

How much money is on the card and where is it allowed?

ASUPS attempts to put at least $7 on each card before it is sent out. The ASUPS ORCA card is valid to use with the following service providers: Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, and the Washington State Ferry System, up to the amount loaded on the card. ASUPS is, unfortunately, unable to guarantee that your total transportation fee will be covered; you may be required to add additional funds.

Visit Pierce Transit for more information about how to get where you want to go.