ASUPS is excited to announce that the Expressions Fund will continue to be available for student projects. The fee was established in 2016 to support students seeking to improve the campus climate as it relates to the inclusivity of student identities, particularly, but not limited to; race, gender identity, sexuality, ability, class. Projects that seek to raise consciousness among the student body, develop allies, and express self-identity are encouraged.

The money comes from the ASUPS student government fee; two dollars from each student’s fee is set aside for the Expressions Fund project fund. The fund is administered in multiple cycles.

The fund should be utilized as a resource for students, either individually or collectively, who have relatively concrete ideas for a project.

Before You Apply

It is encouraged to contact the Director of Student Interests to discuss your project. They can provide additional support, clarify the application, and connect you with campus partners to help make your application and project more successful or help you in finding additional resources.

Project Eligibility

Projects must perform one or more of the following:

  • Provide resources to students and the campus community to encourage equity and inclusivity.
  • Provide educational benefit in cross-cultural understanding, and/or cultural competency in the realms of personal and group identity, social justice, and inclusivity.
  • Provide an outlet of expression for and/or build community for students of minoritized backgrounds.
  • Provides opportunities to encourage civic engagement that connects Puget Sound students with the greater Tacoma community.

Funding Level

At the current time, up to $2,000 may be requested.


For information on deadlines, contact the Director of Clubs and Student Interests: