Food, Health, and Safety

Serves as a forum for discussing views and concerns of the student body that are pertinent to Dining and Conference Services,  Security Services and the Center for Health and Wellness Services. The committee forwards concerns put forth by the student body and proposes objectives to best serve the Puget Sound community. Come if you want snacks!

Members: Director of Security, Director of CHWS and Associate Dean of Students, Director of Dining Services, Executive Chef, Assistant Director of Catering and Cafes, three Students at Large, one Senator, ASUPS Director of Marketing and Outreach, ASUPS Vice President, and ASUPS Director of Student Interests.

Contact the ASUPS Office for current meeting times of the Food, Health, and Safety Commitee. 



Is in charge of reviewing all finance requests submitted by students, faculty and staff to seek financial assistance for programming and events. 

Members: Three Students at Large, one Senator, ASUPS Director of Business Services (non-voting), ASUPS President (non-voting), and ASUPS Vice President (chair).

Finance committee meets once a week, every Monday at 9 p.m.


Union Board

Regulates the operations and functions of all entities, departments and organizations housed in the Student Union Building. Union Board meets once a month.

Members:  One Student at Large, ASUPS Vice President, Bookstore Director, Associate​ Vice President for Facilities, Executive Director of Community Engagement & Associate Vice President for Business Services, Associate Dean of Students Director of Student Union & Programs​, Director of Student Programs, and Director of Dining Services.

Contact the ASUPS Office for current meeting times of the Union Board. 


Media Board

Members: One Senator (Chair), ASUPS Vice President, Dean of Students, KUPS General Manager, Wetlands Editor-in-Chief, Crosscurrents Editor-in-Chief, The Trail Editor-in-Chief, Elements Editor-in-Chief, and Photo Services General Manager.

Meets Thursdays at 6 p.m.


Awards and Scholarship

Meets during the Spring semester and is responsible for gathering nominations and selecting recipients for various ASUPS and other awards and scholarships. They will award these outstanding participatory students, faculty and staff, according to the selection processes of each scholarship or award. Awards are given each Spring at the University Leadership Awards Ceremony.

Members: One Senator, Three Students at Large, and ASUPS President.

Meets as needed. 


Student Ideas and Concerns

Is responsible for evaluating the needs, problems, and concerns of the campus. It serves to do outreach to collect student concerns, advise senators working on senate projects, and generate new projects for the Director of Student Interest or senators to work on. 

Members: Five Students at Large and ASUPS President (non-voting).

Contact the ASUPS Office for current meeting times of the Student Ideas and Concerns Committee. 



Serves as a first level evaluator of ASUPS documents and policy and procedure, while ensuring consistency, accuracy and legality. Governance Committee also meets to evaluate and review the ASUPS Constitution, By-Laws and any other ancillary documents and present recommendations to Senate. Governance Committee meets as determined by the Chair.

Members: Three Students at Large, Two Senators, and ASUPS President (non-voting).

Contact the ASUPS Office for current meeting times of the Governance Commitee. 



Organizes and coordinates all ASUPS elections in accordance with the Constitution, By-Laws and Senate. They enforce campaign guidelines and regulations to ensure fair and just elections. Election Committee meets as determined by the Chair.

Members: Four Students at Large, Two Senators, and ASUPS Vice President (non-voting).

Meets as needed.



Is responsible for evaluating budget requests of all ASUPS Clubs, Medias and Programmers, and balancing the budget in a fair and equitable manner. Budget Committee meets in April of every year before presenting the final budget to the ASUPS Senate.

Members: ASUPS Vice President (Chair), Two Senators, ASUPS President (non-voting), ASUPS Director of Business Services (non-voting).

Meets as needed.