ASUPS is the Student Government of the University of Puget Sound.

Principally, we are advocates for student needs, and use our own institutional capacity to support students. Student leaders in ASUPS meet regularly with various members of the university’s administration and take part in various decision making processes. Student leaders meet with board members, with the President, with faculty, with administrators, and with staff regularly to ensure that the university hears the student voice. This is a continual struggle, and students continue to push for our needs to be heard. We hope you’ll join us!

We are also the administrative body that allows for student organizations and various student programming on campus to flourish and enrich the student experience. We seek to be a sturdy base from which students can launch their passions and pursue their fullest academic and personal potential. We oversee a budget that supports programming, student medias, clubs and club sports, and a host of services for the student body. We also oversee a number of special projects on behalf of the student body.