Director of Career Services

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Alana partners with the Director of Student Employment Services to provide vision and leadership for CES, ensuring students are supported throughout their career development process.

As a member of the Experiential Learning leadership team, Alana advocates for opportunities that engage students in self-discovery and career exploration—through part-time employment, internships, and job shadows.

In her down time from championing the career development of liberal arts students, Alana makes salted caramels and spends time laughing with her family.

What was your first, or an early work experience that impacted your career path?
When I was in college, I had an internship in publishing. What I imagined would be a glamorous role ended up being a behind-the-scenes job where I did lots of proofreading and editing. (And even though I didn't pursue a career in publishing, I still use those editing and proofreading skills here in CES!) Most importantly, I learned that my expectations didn't always meet reality. I was really glad I'd had that experience—to learn that what I truly sought was a career which would allow me to connect more frequently with people.

What did you learn in your major field of study that you currently use in your work?
I was a communications major in college and did a great deal of writing. I learned the value of writing with a specific audience in mind. Today, there isn’t any kind of communication that crosses my desk that doesn’t get a thorough review to ensure that it is grammatically correct, meets the needs of the audience, and is designed to engage…and that’s largely a product of my training during my undergraduate education.

What is your favorite location/event/hidden gem/thing about Tacoma?
Even though it’s a bit outside of Tacoma, it’s still accessible from Tacoma—and even though I’m not a golfer, I love Chambers Bay. My family and I can often be found completing the 3-mile loop around the course. The hills are a bit challenging, the views are spectacular, and it’s a wonderful way to enjoy some PNW outdoor time.

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