THTR 254

World Theatre III: Voices of the Americas

Through the lens of tradition and innovation, students explore the dramaturgy of contemporary theatre from the Americas, north and south, including plays that speak to Latina/o experience. Students in this and all contemporary world theatre courses engage with and collaborate in a set of informed, imaginative explorations of plays with a particular emphasis on dramatic action. They work toward the completion of this goal (1) by investigating, in light of performance, a play's dramaturgy both from within (formally) and from without (historically, culturally); (2) by cutting, arranging, and producing scenes from plays they are studying; (3) by discovering formal and thematic threads that run through the plays, readings, and topics of this class; (4) by considering ways to increase the breadth and depth of theatre productions at Puget Sound through course work grounded in the Knowledge, Identity, and Power rubric. Although contemporary world theatre classes have similar learning outcomes and a common methodology, the plays and fields of study (e.g., African Diaspora, Asian Theatres, Voices of the Americas) differ from one class to another. Taught in rotation with THTR 250, 252, and 256.