SOAN 416

Modern India and Diaspora

This course is designed with a two-fold focus: 1) to provide an in-depth sociological examination of pertinent developments and trends shaping modern/contemporary India; and 2) to situate India's trajectory as a modern society in a broader international (both regional and global) context. Specifically, the course centers on the (a) critical social transformations in Indian society since the beginning of the 20th century; and (b) an examination of Indian's relationships and links to the broader global community. The 20th century marks a period of "great transformations" in the narrative of India. Its salience is reflected in the fact that the period draws on the intersection of the late colonial as well as the post-colonial period in India. The course emphasizes the complex links and transition between British colonialism and the post-colonial period in India, and India's relationship with the global system.