PSYC 401

Psychology Senior Capstone Seminar

The Psychology Senior Capstone Seminar provides an opportunity for psychology majors to read and critically analyze primary source materials and review articles drawn from varied subfields in psychology. Through weekly presentations, writing exercises, and ongoing discussion, students address key issues in the discipline concerning, for example, the ethical application of findings, the major paradigmatic shifts in the field, and the pros/cons of various methodological approaches. Students also write their Senior Capstone Paper as part of the course requirements, with seminar members sharing their progress regularly through writing workshops and informal presentations of their topic and proposal. The senior paper includes a comprehensive literature review of a specific research question, as well as a proposal for future research and/or application of findings.

Prerequisites: PSYC 201, PSYC 301, and Senior Psychology major. Students cannot take more than one from PSYC 310, 311, 312, and 313 concurrently with 401. NOTE: Exceptions by petition to the department.