MATH 301

Differential Equations

Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) are first introduced in the calculus sequence. This course provides a deeper look at the theory of ODEs and the use of ODEs in modeling real-world phenomena. The course includes studies of first order ODEs (both linear and nonlinear), second and higher order linear ODEs, and first order systems of ODEs (both linear and nonlinear). Existence and uniqueness of solutions is discussed in each setting. Most topics are viewed from a variety of perspectives including graphical, numerical, and symbolic. Tools and concepts from linear algebra are used throughout the course. Other topics that may be covered include series solutions, difference equations, and dynamical systems.

Prerequisites: MATH 280 and 290 or permission of the instructor. All prerequisite courses must have been completed with a grade of C- or higher. Students with transfer credit for MATH 30X (i.e., MATH 301 online) may not take this course.