LTS 300

Latina/o Literatures

Latina/o literature explores the heterogeneity of Latina/o experiences in the U.S. While the course is not a survey of Latino literary history, it introduces students to contemporary expressions of Latina/o literature. Plays, short stories, novels, testimonies, poems, essays, and film help students to study the complex and often-silenced histories of the Latina/o communities. The course understands literature and cultural productions as a platform for social, historical, and political histories. Literature becomes a place where ideologies are contested, debated and articulated. In this course, students will explore questions related to community, diaspora, immigration, racism, transnational politics, discourses of privilege, and intersections of sexuality, gender, and class. This course is taught in English, with some readings in Spanglish, a hybrid language that resulted from interaction between Spanish and English. Students seeking credit in the Spanish major or minor in Hispanic Studies must write their assignments in Spanish.