IPE 345

IPE by Numbers: Introduction to Data Analysis

The 21st century is often described as The Information Age. There is an abundance of data. This course serves as an introduction to data analysis. The course offers hands-on training in the context of real data. Data will be sourced from databases commonly used in quantitative studies in international political economy and neighboring disciplines such as political science, sociology, economics and business. The course also offers training on data visualization and presentation software. The class begins with an overview of the role and importance of data in society. An exploration of the use of data in both academic and non-academic research and operations is discussed. The next phase of the course teaches basic statistical analysis. Rather than delving deeply into the mathematical properties of various techniques, this module focuses on the analysis that are most commonly used such as descriptive statistics, correlations, and linear regression. The course proceeds with outlining how to find, collect and organize data. Lastly, the course explores the use of qualitative and the value of a mixed methods approach.

Prerequisites: IPE 101