HIST 399

Special Topics in History

This course is an advanced seminar in which students explore the historiography on a particular issue, topics, or field in the discipline. Students read recent works in the social and cultural history of the diverse peoples of the American West, with a mostly 20th century focus. Students evaluate cutting edge scholarship on the region, which has pushed forward work in a number of areas that are important not just in the West but in the discipline as a whole: transnational and borderlands history; gender, race, sexuality and the history of the body; environmental relations; and the 'cultural turn' in social and political history. In addition to examining diverse communities in the West and their interactions, students also consider some of the cultural products of those communities, such as film, art, and music. In this reading intensive course, emphasis is placed on discussion and the growth of students as members of the community of historians.

Prerequisites: HIST 200 or permission of instructor.