HIST 230

England from the Romans to the Tudors

This course surveys the history of England from the Roman conquest to the end of the Tudor dynasty, following England's rise from remote imperial backwater to incipient world power. We begin by reconstructing the successive invasions of the island by Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Normans, and assessing the impact of these conquerors on the people, culture, and institutions of England. The course then explores the later medieval and early modern English world in depth, reconstructing the experiences of many different groups--women and men, peasants and aristocrats, Christians, Jews, and heretics--and tracking major historical developments like urbanization, the rise of representative institutions, and attempts to extend English rule into Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, and beyond. The course reconstructs the experience of life in premodern England through a wide range of textual and non-textual sources, including archaeological finds, architecture, law-codes, letters, and poetry, while assignments allow students to hone their research, writing, and analytical skills.