GQS 340

Feminist and Queer Methodologies

This course provides students with an overview of feminist and queer methodological issues and dilemmas and a variety of research techniques and methods. Students investigate the ethics and politics of research; how theories are incorporated sinto research; how evidence is gathered; and what counts as truth and authority at higher levels of abstraction. Students read collaborative research by women organizing around health issues in India and education in prison, an ethnography of transgender identity, a study of women living with HIV, the graphic novel Fun Home, and scientific studies of lesbian sexuality. Students come to understand how research methods direct research outcomes. This course emphasizes feminist and queer research as a deeply interdisciplinary endeavor, one that necessitates an appreciation for a variety of research approaches so that students develop the capacity to produce and learn from, in the words of Donna Haraway, "both vertical deep studies and lateral, cross-connecting ones."