GQS 327

Queer Cultures

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning (GLBTQ) are categories used to identify sub-groups within the queer community. Yet within these groups, or cultures, exist vastly complex and different experiences. In the struggle for social justice and equity, queers navigate the tension of remaining hidden - to fit into the dominant culture - versus being seen - to change the dominant culture. Main units include: "Science, Sexuality, and Ethics", "Queering School Curricula", "Marriage is a Queer Institution" and "The Disappearing Queer: Fear and Desire in Theory". This course addresses questions such as: How are cultures constituted, experienced, and transformed? How can we interrogate category systems to understand framing assumptions and the ways categories position "majority" and "minoritized" in social contexts? What is the relationship between taking a subversive stance and social transformation? Crosslisted as GQS/HUM 327.