FREN 210

Introduction to Conversational French

This course is designed for highly motivated students who wish to refine and improve their oral communication skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing while gaining more insight into French culture. It entails active participation in class discussion, presentations, projects and conversational activities. Classroom activities include authentic spoken discourse representing a variety of styles to promote the acquisition of spoken proficiency, vocabulary building, and to develop the fluency in French to perform linguistically and culturally appropriate tasks. Intensive work in oral expression, listening and comprehension will incorporate a wide variety of cultural topics, such as the French press, comic strips, television and radio broadcasts, contemporary music, as well as selected readings. The course will also provide a review of selected advanced grammatical structures and frequent short oral presentations, and will make use of multi-media and interactive computer strategies in the development of conversational and cultural skills.

Prerequisites: FREN 202 or equivalent.