EXSC 401

Advanced Nutrition and Energy Balance

This course explores the role of dietary factors inhealth and disease in greater depth and with more critical analyses of current scientific literature.Course topics may include the role of phytochemicals, nutrigenomics, the female athlete triad, eat-ing disorders, hydration and thermoregulation, macronutrient intake, weight loss diets, food-borneillness and safety of the food supply, clinical dietetics, and other current topics. Students will work insmall collaborations to identify a relevant question, research the literature, and design and completea research thesis. Laboratory experiences include resting metabolism, substrate utilization duringrest and exercise, measuring nutrient-related blood markers such as glucose, hemoglobin A1C, andlipoproteins, and conducting original research for theses.

Prerequisites: EXSC 200 or 270, 221, 222, and 301.