ENGL 361

South Asian Fiction

This course is an introduction to some of the variety and complexity of fiction from India. It focuses primarily on novels and short stories written in English and considers the role they played in colonial, anti-colonial, and nationalist struggles and in definitions of who constitutes an "Indian." It also engages post-colonial theorists of the last two decades, including G. Viswanathan, P. Chatterjee, B. Ashcroft, A. Loomba, H. Bhaba, and H. Trevedi. The course studies the work of literary writers selected from among the following: Tagore, Anand, Narayan, Rushdie, Ghosh, Roy, Sahgal, Hariharan, Chandra, Desai.

Prerequisites: ENGL 220 and one course from ENGL 221-249 strongly recommended.