EDUC 298

Using Primary Sources to Teach for Social Justice

Teaching about the past tells us where we came from and provides a narrative that communicates who "we" are. Using primary sources with K-12 students is often touted as one of the best ways to shape inclusive narratives while developing reading, writing, and critical thinking. And yet, primary sources are rarely used at the pre-college level. This class is designed to introduce students to using primary documents to help K-12 students understand alternative perspectives of the past. While many perspectives are marginalized in K-12 classrooms, few experience the silence that surrounds LGBTQ people. By using the Archive of Sexuality and Gender, students learn about LGBTQ history, discover valuable primary sources for use with K-12 students, and create a plan for using these sources with K-12 students. Successful completion of this course requires a commitment to spend regular time working with youth in a volunteer setting.