BUS 482

Strategic Management and Consulting

This course focuses on how organizations can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Strategic management involves a foundation of research and analysis of an organization's internal and external environments, followed by the identification of strategic choices, and the development and implementation of strategic plans. A resource-based view of the firm provides the theoretical underpinning for case analysis and the strategic consulting projects. Students work in small consulting teams with local organizations to develop successful strategies in these projects. Satisfies the Senior Research Seminar requirement for the business majors.

Prerequisites: BUS 205, BUS 305 (or 320), BUS 310 (or 335), BUS 315, BUS 340, and one business elective (excluding BUS 300 and 344; CONN 387, 490, and 478), and senior standing; or permission of instructor. All prerequisite courses must be C- or higher.