BUS 478

Environmental Law

This class examines domestic and international environmental law and natural resource law to better understand how those laws relate to businesses in the United States and internationally. Students consider issues related to environmental and natural resource legislation and regulation. These issues include the tension between business and the environment, sustainability, the goals of environmental regulation, the problems of monitoring and enforcement, and the roles of science and risk assessment, including valuation of environmental injuries and environmental benefits. Students use case method studies, statutes, and legal cases to explore these concepts in contemporary situations. Students are responsible for substantial class leadership responsibilities including leading discussions and substantively contributing to each class session. Students identify suitable topics for exploration, formulate research questions, conduct independent research, write a substantial research paper, and present their work to the class.

Prerequisites: BUS 205, 305, 310, 315, 340, and senior standing or permission of instructor. All prerequisite courses must be C- or higher.