BIOL 465

Chemical Biology

This course explores how modern chemical and biochemical strategies are used to interrogate and manipulate biological systems. The course will focus on selected, recent developments in the field as described in review articles and the primary literature. Themes include modifying and expanding the genetic code, screening and selection of chemical and biological libraries, directed evolution and rational design in the production of new protein activities, molecular imaging and probes for spatial and temporal localization of biological activity, modification of biological systems to produce new products or new activities, and design and use of novel molecular effectors of biological systems. In addition to examining the science of chemical biology, the course will also explore the commercialization of chemical biology and the background and influence of key individuals involved in developing this hybrid discipline. The course will emphasize process, with students directly engaging with primary sources, collaboratively analyzing and discussing information obtained from those sources, selecting and investigating topics in chemical biology that interest them, presenting the results of their investigations to their peers, and reflecting upon the scientific, commercial, and social impacts of modern chemical biology. Cross-listed as BIOL/CHEM 465

Prerequisites: CHEM 251 and either BIOL 212 OR 213. Instructor permission required.