BIOL 376

One: Our Symbiotic Planet

This course is designed for juniors and seniors interested in learning more about the diversity, depth, and breadth of associations between organisms. Such associations and their study range from mutualism to parasitism, from viruses to cetaceans, from biochemical to ecological approaches. The first part of the course explores the history and paradigms in the study of symbioses, using specific case studies and journal articles. The second part of the course involves critical analysis of current peer reviewed journal articles by experts in the field, who will "tele-visit" the classroom to discuss their work with students. Finally, there are individual and group projects exploring a student-chosen specific association of particular interest. There is no laboratory associated with this course.

Prerequisites: BIOL 111, 212, and one year of college chemistry, or permission of instructor. BIOL 112 and 311 are recommended.