ASIA 489

Senior Thesis

This course consists of independent research and the preparation of a significant paper of original scholarship. Each student seeking the designation in Asian Studies as Robert Trimble Distinguished Asia Scholar must initiate a topic, identify a supervising instructor in the Asian Studies Program, and develop a plan for research, writing, and public presentation of the project (normally presentation will be in an Asian Studies Colloquium). Alternatively, a student may meet the one-semester thesis requirement for the distinguished designation in Asian Studies by an approved research seminar in a department participating in the Asian Studies Program. For those participating in the Pacific Rim/Asia Study-Travel Program, this course requires of students a research and writing project on Asian life and thought working either with the director or another faculty member of the Asian Studies Committee. . Each student initiates a topic and conducts bibliographical research on campus and research on site during the year in Asia as part of the Pacific Rim/Asia Study-Travel Program. Each student presents the project for critical review by others in the group.