ARTH 294

Art History Research Methods

This course examines the origins and history of the discipline of art history and serves as an introduction to fundamental methods of art historical research (e.g., biographical, formalist, iconographic, sociological, feminist, etc.) approaches. The course, intended for prospective and recently declared majors, prepares students for more advanced courses in art history. This generally chronological seminar may also provide hands-on learning of museological and archival procedures, and offers students the opportunity to become acquainted with and to practice different types of art historical writing (e.g., ranging from catalog entry to book review). Students also have the opportunity to develop and refine their research skills through the completion of a substantial research project. Students present their work to the class both in formal and informal presentations throughout the term.

Prerequisites: Second-year students at Puget Sound or transfer students who have completed two Art History courses at a university.