ALC 225

Visualized Fiction: Cinematic Adaptations of Traditional Chinese Literature

Classical Chinese literature has contributed the inspiration and source materials for a host of modern cultural products. This course is designed to help students develop an awareness of the importance, uses and the significance of classical Chinese literature in modern cultural production. In this course, students study classical texts in English translation and their modern and contemporary film adaptations. In the process, students try to understand what about the original classics appeals to modern cultural producers, and what cultural, social, and political purposes they might serve in different modern contexts. The goals of this course are 1) to develop an overall understanding of major Chinese literary genres; 2) to examine why traditional Chinese literature still matters to us today and why literary works from the past have been used by the West and recycled in our modern cultural production; 3) to demonstrate critical thinking through written and oral expression; 4) to retrieve and use written information critically and effectively.