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Admitted Logger Series & Academic Experiences

View some of our online conversations, classes, and information sessions with students, faculty, and staff from this spring's virtual events!

Admitted students and their families are invited to view several different opportunities to learn about the Puget Sound experience recorded this spring:

Admitted Logger Series were informal 30-45 minute conversations with members of the Puget Sound community which featured students, faculty, or staff members sharing their experiences, answering questions, and discussing life as a Logger. 

Academic Roundtables were discussions with professors and current students moderated by an admission counselor.  

Previous Sessions

Q&A with President Crawford and Twilight Campus Tour | Watch Recording

Q&A with Kainoa Correa '11 and Craig Driver '11 | Watch Recording

Academic Roundtables and Overviews

Social Sciences Roundtable | Watch recording

Humanities Roundtable | Watch recording

Theater Academic Roundtable | Watch recording

Exercise Science Academic Roundtable | Watch recording

Psychology & Neuroscience Academic Roundtable | Watch recording

School of Business and Leadership Overview | Watch recording

English Department and Honors Program Overview | Watch recording

Biology Academic Roundtable | Watch recording

Asian Languages & Culture Academic Roundtable | Watch recording

Gender & Queer Studies Academic Roundtable | Watch recording

Chemistry Overview | Watch recording

School of Music Academic Roundtable | Watch recording

Advising and Student Life

Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching | Watch recording

Health Professions Advising | Watch recording

Residence Life | Watch recording

Career Employment Services and Experiential Learning | Watch recording

Counseling, Health, and Wellness Services | Watch recording


Jeff Halstead, head baseball coach, and Chris Myhre, swimming program director | Watch recording

Liz Daly, head lacrosse coach, and Jeff Thomas, head football coach | Watch recording

Study Abroad and International Programs

Roy Robinson, director of international programs, and Carmen Eyssautier, study abroad coordinator | Watch Recording

Parent and Family Sessions

Student Affairs | Watch recording

Admission and Financial Aid | Watch recording

Learning and Teaching | Watch recording

Diversity and Social Justice

Vivie Nguyen, Director Intercultural Engagement and current students Aldrin Villahermosa '21 (Waipahu, Hawai'i), Christina Mills '21 (Tacoma, Wash.) | Watch recording

Intercultural Engagement | Watch recording

Current Student Conversations

Alonso Tirado '20 (Auburn, Wash.) and Jenna Kreuger '21 (Eugene, Oregon) | Watch Recording

Romi Miller '22 (Palo Alto, Calif.) and Anna MacLeod '21 (Los Alamitos, Calif.) | Watch Recording

Nikki Tom '20 (Irvine, Calif.) and Travis Bender '21 (San Francisco, Calif.) | Watch recording

Emily Davis '20 (Gig Harbor, Wash.) and Travis Bender '21 (San Francisco, Calif.) | Watch recording

Nikki Tom '20 (Irvine, Calif.) and Emily Davis '20 (Gig Harbor, Wash.) | Watch recording

Emma Kauzmann '21 (Fort Collins, Colo.) and Nikki Tom '20 (Irvine, Calif.) | Watch recording

Ruby Krietzman '20 (Minnetonka, Minn.) and Noah Thomas '20 (Palm Desert, Calif.) | Watch recording

Travis Bender '21 (San Francisco, Calif.) and Romi Miller '22 (Palo Alto, Calif.) | Watch recording

Jenna Kreuger '21 (Eugene, Oregon) and Sophie Semenjuk '21 (Palos Verdes, Calif.)  | Watch recording

Sophie Semenjuk '21 (Palos Verdes, Calif.) and Sam Kaufman '22 (San Carlos, Calif.) | Watch recording

Alumni Conversations

Suzy Eiffert '17, enterprise risk management associate at Fisher Investments and Emma Parker '16, associate merchant at Jordan Men's Global Apparel (Nike, Inc.) | Watch recording

Max Coleman '18, special project manager at Coleman Agriculture and Jenna Mobley '18, math teacher at Columbia High School | Watch recording