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Serena Berkowitz '12

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
High School: East High School
Major: French with a minor in Latin American Studies and Spanish

Why did you choose University of Puget Sound?

I chose Puget Sound for several reasons, including the amazingly gorgeous location and the fact that you can see a huge volcano from campus. I loved the classes that I visited as a prospective student, including a super fun French class. I knew I wanted to study abroad, and the wide range of choices and high percentage of students who study abroad was quite attractive. 

What professor has especially inspired you during your time at Puget Sound?

My advisor, Michel Rocchi, makes French literature more fun than I ever thought possible.  Michel knows how to make discussions about any topic fascinating in a way that makes you think about and remember what you talked about in class weeks or months later. He's also just a great and hilarious guy that takes a keen personal interest in his students. 

What has been your favorite class?

It's so hard to pick just one! One of my favorites has been a Religion class I took with Judith Kay last fall called Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Although it was probably the hardest class I have taken in terms of the serious subject matter, I have a better understanding of the scope of the Holocaust and the Jewish experience. We had to ponder really big questions for that class, like the goodness of the humanity and the existence of God, and I really like discussing those sorts of topics. It's also always really fun and refreshing to take a class outside of your major and minor subjects. 

What is your favorite place on campus?

I love eating lunch outside of the SUB on a sunny day. Really, I love being anywhere outside on campus when it's nice out. 

What is your favorite food in the Wheelock Student Center?

The clam chowder is fantastic. 

What campus activities do you participate in?

I have played violin in the university orchestra for four years and also have an alternative music radio show on our campus radio station, KUPS. I'm captain of the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team this year, and I try to attend French Conversation hour as much as possible (I studied abroad in France last semester and I miss speaking French a lot!). And I work as a part of the Admissions Student Web Team. 

What quirky or fun thing do you wish you had known before you came to Puget Sound?

Because I love cats, I would have loved to have known that we have have a cat that lives on campus. His name is Al (named after the dorm he lives by, Anderson/Langdon) and he's super cute. 

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
I really wish I could have gone to Woodstock. So much great music and interesting people!

What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
Head Rolls Off by Frightened Rabbit.


Where are they now?

Serena graduated in May 2012. She was awarded a French Government Teaching Assistantship and will be heading back to France in October to teach English. While she is in France, she'll be blogging for Puget Sound!