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Leah Kennebeck '13

Hometown: Seattle, WA
High School: Holy Names Academy
Major: Politics and Government (Comparative Politics)
Why did you choose University of Puget Sound?

What truly sold me on this school was the tour I took as a prospective student. I felt such a positive, welcoming vibe when I was walking through campus, I knew this was a place I wanted to call home. I also appreciated how there was not a single type of person I saw, but students of all interests and backgrounds gathered here.
What professor has especially inspired you during your time at Puget Sound?

Easily the first professor that comes to mind is Susan Owen. I first had Prof. Owen my first semester for my freshman seminar. Her insights and wisdom into the world of media, communications, and culture in film have blown me away.
What has been your favorite class?

A comparative politics class on Iran and Israel, it was so relevant to current world affairs in what we talked about in class, I felt like I was really learning something worthwhile, exciting, and new in every individual class session. Professor Patrick O’Neil instructed it and would bring in slideshows and video clips from his travels in Iran, which were incredible to see and hear first hand experiences. 

What campus activities do you participate in? 

Campus Visit Program, Pi Beta Phi, Political Science Association
What is your favorite place on campus?

In front of the Wheelock Student Center where all the tables and chairs are, especially on a sunny day and everyone sits outside snacking and talking. ‘People watching’ never gets old at Puget Sound.
What advice would you give to a prospective student or first year about the Puget Sound experience?

What it all comes down to is getting involved – I know that may be overused but it’s true. How much you get out of your first year here is directly related to how much you put in, whether it be student government, theatre, Campus Visit Program, or any of the 100 clubs here on campus. Try and do as much as you can early on in your college experience to find out what you are really passionate about; before you know it you’ll be a senior and feeling like you wish you had more time at this wonderful place.
What quirky or fun thing do you wish you had known before you came to Puget Sound?

I wish that I had known from the start that showing up in class literally looking like a logger in flannel, jeans, and Birkenstocks is completely acceptable. 
Who is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series?

Ron Weasley from Harry Potter…..without a question. 
If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

I would be psyched to see the first modern Olympic games in Athens, Greece in 1896 at the Panathenaic Stadium. It was just a couple of blocks from my apartment when I studied in Greece in Spring 2012. Seeing such a long-standing (2500 years) tradition revived and witnessing really ANY Olympic games I would greatly enjoy.
What’s the #1 most played song on your iTunes/Spotify?

Anything by the Head and the Heart.
If you could have one person with you on a deserted island, who would it be and why?

Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live, because she is witty and HILARIOUS and I wouldn’t spend a minute without laughing, which is necessary as being on a desert island is slightly depressing.