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Deirdre McNally

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
High School: Bosque School
Majors: Molecular & Cellular Biology
Minor: English

Why did you choose University of Puget Sound?
I chose Puget Sound because I went to a really small high school, and I wanted the same advantages that I had there. If you are paying for your education, it only seems fair that students get ample resources to succeed like they do at Puget Sound. And, of course, I knew as soon as I visited that I wanted to spend my college years here. 

What professor has especially inspired you during your time at Puget Sound?
Without question, Luc Boisvert is the most inspirational professor on this campus. I took Organic Chemistry with him this past semester, and I am only sad that it is over. He really cares about his students' success and was wiling to take appointments all day if need be. He inspired me to be a better student in the sciences and put everything I can into my academic and personal success. Plus--he has a French-Canadian accent!

What has been your favorite class?
My favorite class at Puget Sound was Darcy Irvin's Literature as Art. The books we read were amazing, things I will definitely read again, and I learned new ways to think about both art and literature.

What campus activities do you participate in?
On campus I am involved in the Dorian Singers choir, the Chemistry Club, and AMSA (American Medical Student Association). Of course, I am also involved with the Campus Visit Program, which has been a life changing experience. I was first an Overnight Host, then a Calling Coordinator and Tour Guide, and I'm now a Coordinator. 

What is your favorite place on campus?
My favorite place on campus is the part of Commencement Walk leading up to the Fieldhouse where, on a clear day, you get the most spectacular view of Mt. Rainier. 

What is your favorite food in the Wheelock Student Center?
The Banh Mi sandwich from the Asian station--no questions asked. 

What advice would you give to a prospective student or first year about the Puget Sound experience?
Don't wait to get involved with activities on campus--start early! The school provides many resources to students struggling academically, financially, or otherwise, so you should get used to using them from the beginning. I would also tell students to never take their education for granted. You are here, finally here, after many years of careful planning. Pay attention, be attentive, and study hard--these will be the best years of your life. 

What quirky or fun thing do you wish you had known before you came to Puget Sound?
I wish I understood the Northwest style better and how fashionable people here are. Apparently I had no idea how to dress myself.

Who is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series?
It has to be Harry Potter. My generation grew up with him, reading the books as they came out, and I ended up writing my senior thesis in high school on how that has changed us forever. Anyone from back home would know I would have picked him. J. K. Rowling is my hero. 

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
Maybe I will be around for this, but I would love to witness a cure for HIV/AIDS. In my lifetime alone, the illness has moved from being a death sentence to a manageable, yet detrimental part of millions of lives. I look forward to the day that a vaccine and cure will be widely available across the world. 

What’s the #1 most played song on your iTunes/Spotify?
Love I Don't Have to Love--Bright Eyes

If you could have one person with you on a deserted island, who would it be and why?
My mom. She would know exactly what to do.